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It all started when...

Dana Dewedoff and her fiancé, Joseph Carney Jr., were in the kitchen. she was looking to add a little balance to her entrepreneur-mother of three-soon to be Mrs. Carney life. Dana told joe that she would love to make people happy with her cookies for a living. After all, its something she has been successfully doing since the age of 14; baking thousands of cookies throughout the year just to give them all away, for smiles in return. So he told her to give it a try. To take her passion to the streets. 

And just like that, Carney's Cookies was born. 



Here's to love, laughter, and cookies ever-after

Joe and Dana married on December 11, 2017 at Walt Disney World. 

It taste like love.
— John
It’s about damn time she sells her cookies!
— Sheryll
The Chocolate Chip cookie is my favorite because it’s soft, chewy, yet doesn’t break apart or crumble. And you always get a few chunks of chocolate in each bite. But even if you didn’t, you would still enjoy it, because the cookie taste like a buttery, delicious, piece of heaven.
— Katie
I have been watching Dana post her cookie creations online for years, and every now and then, she would drop off a box to our door. That was always a great surprise.
— Linda and Joe