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It all started when...

Dana Dewedoff and her Husband, Joseph Carney Jr., were in the kitchen. Dana told joe that she would love to make people happy with her cookies during the holiday season. After all, its something she has been successfully doing since the age of 14; baking thousands of cookies throughout the year just to give them all away, for smiles in return. So he told her to give it a try. To take her passion to the streets. 

And just like that, Carney's Cookies was born. 

It taste like love.
— John
It’s about damn time she sells her cookies!
— Sheryll
The Chocolate Chip cookie is my favorite because it’s soft, chewy, yet doesn’t break apart or crumble. And you always get a few chunks of chocolate in each bite. But even if you didn’t, you would still enjoy it, because the cookie taste like a buttery, delicious, piece of heaven.
— Katie
I have been watching Dana post her cookie creations online for years, and every now and then, she would drop off a box to our door. That was always a great surprise.
— Linda and Joe